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Becoming a BumaStemra member?

Are you a (starting) music creator? Do you write lyrics or compose melodies? Then it would be a smart move to join us. More than 38,000 other music creators have already gone before you. We ensure that you receive a fair remuneration for the use of your music.

You can also join us as a publisher. More than 1,500 publishers have already joined BumaStemra. We ensure that you receive a fair compensation for the use of music in which you have a share.

Both as music creators and publishers, you can register online for various territories, including the world, the Netherlands, Europe and the Benelux.

Already a member or have been a member before?
Contact us for the latest information regarding your membership. If you are an heir, please contact us to register. You can reach us at 023-799 7889 or